Wedding Coolers Designs and Templates

Wedding coolers are a growing trend for a fun wedding favor that can say a lot about the bride and groom. We've a huge library of stylish designs to suit our elegant coolers: sayings, themes, beach wedding coolers, illustrated koozies and much, much more. If you want to wow your guests with a lovely, novel wedding favor then start here or check out our theses pages to get some color inspiration or ideas for your very own bespoke wedding coolers.

Personalised Birthday Coolers

Be it for a birthday, graduation or any other of life's milestone occasions and we can make personalised coolers to suit. In this section we have scores of templates to start with - and remember you can change the colors of all of them to suit your gift. Start here.

Other products

Using the same process that we use to make our coolers we make other high-end bespoke slip cases and pouches from anything to mobile phone cases, pockets for portable HDDs, DACs and spare batteries.

Custom coolers

If you are looking to create custom coolers to raise awareness or funds then this is the place to start. We've made thousands of our custom coolers for craft breweries, bands, brands, sports teams, retailers and fundraising groups. Start here.

We do not make KOOZIES(R) - Part 2

KOOZIES(R) is a registered trademark of BIC Norwood and cannot be used by any other manufacturer who makes, for all extents, identical products. Even though it appears to all the protection of the trademark lapsed for a period of time and subsequently the word then arguably became  a genericised term for personalized or promotional drink insulators, that does not stop the registered owners from using strongly worded emails and letters to assert the rights afforded to them by a United States court process after a case was brought forward by the multi-billion French majority owned company that has its own legal department against a much, much smaller USA manufacturer that did not. 

On this website where you may be *thinking* of the term KOOZIES(R), we'll use the term coolers instead.