Retail sectors suitable for our coolers

Following are a number of retail applications we've seen coolers sold into. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, because of their look and form factor their might be other applications we've not thought to include so, if you have an idea you'd like to explore, then please do contact us (in confidence) and we'll help make it happen.

  • Straight retail
  • Souvenirs
  • Tickets
  • Lottery / Raffle
  • Merchandise

Point-of-sale options

We have a number of point-of-sales devices available at personalizedpockets - a counter top stand for placing the product at the point of sale or on shelving or racking. We also have a 'bar-hanger' for applications where retail space is at a premium. The bar-hanger is designed to hang overhead and carries up to twenty products in a vertical arrangement. Print on both of these POS devices can be changed to suit your application.


We have our own GS1 universal barcode which can be printed directly on the product - thus avoiding unnecessary packaging. You can also ask for your own barcodes be included - these might be identifiers for retail or unique codes used to track the effectiveness of sales, provide a code or redemption, customer loyalty programs or create online engagement.

Case Studies

Wendy Binks (Emu Designs)

[Content in production]

Beccy Cole (Artist)

Beccy Cole includes Coolaz koozies in her merchandise line-up while touring. Becky has also used our product as a promotional product to support album launches. One of the things she really likes about Coolaz's koozies is the lower retail price making the product a impulse buy at signing sessions (where she is able to sign right across the koozie with a permanent marker - making a great autographed memento for her fans.