A custom cooler that works with the values of craft brewing

It's truly wonderful that there has been a resurgence in craft brewing over the past decade, and we guess that quite a few craft breweries can identify with the statement above as they went up against the grain and the multi-national giants and tried to expand the beer drinkers minds by offering a huge range of different tastes and experiences. We understand that feeling of trying to change an existing paradigm a little ourselves, and just like a ballsy IPA is different from the mainstream pale, safe lager, Our coolers are different from the ubiquitous foam coolers. Yes, similar to that initial grapefruit hit and hoppy bitter tail-off, our coolers can be polarising, but oh yes, if people enjoy them, they really can get into them.

So, the argument goes, if your target market is open-minded and enjoys trying new things then maybe they'll part with a few dollars and try a lovely new cooler with your logo on. "Of course, you would say that," we can imagine you saying right now, but how many other coolers manufacturers would put their money where their mouth is...

Free custom coolers for your Craft Brewery

To get 20 free coolers for your brewery you just need to send us either a) your logo at print resolution* or b) full artwork on our template by email to orders@personalisedpockets.com or fill out the contact information and shipping address in the form below.

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