We've categorised our custom koozie section by sector...

Koozies for Craft Breweries

Like movies and popcorn, beer and koozies were born to go together, and if your koozies look as good as ours then it is even better - like movies and popcorn - with sticky, sweet caramel on top. Read more about how Coolaz's koozies can help your breweries bottom line and read some of our case studies here.

Koozies for Merchandise

Leveraging your IP to raise funds is becoming more and more important in a world where channels are getting ever crowded. We've come up with ideas - and have case studies - to give you ideas about how we can help you raise the bottom line of your band or brand with our customized koozies. Read more here.

Koozies for Promotions

Promote your company, product, brands and events with a koozie from Coolaz.  With much higher perception of quality and longer persistence they may cost a tiny bit more, but they'll last a whole longer. 

Koozies for Retail

Coolaz koozies can command a much higher price at retail than cheaper foam koozies due to the big improvements we've made to the materials and print. However, they are not very much more expensive - learn how you can improve your margins here.

Koozies for Sports, Teams and Organizations

Whether you want to raise money for Little League team or just create a fun item for your 'Drink Team that has a Bowling Problem' we can help with the whole process - including coming up with a cool design that'll get heads turning and funds running in.


Koozies can be a excellent fundraiser for your cause - but work best where the high perceived value and excellent functionality work together to make and attractive proposition to your supporters. We've worked with a number of organisations and they have used a number of models - including the koozie in a gift bag and retailing at the event for anything from $5 to $10. You can read more about heir stories in the case study section following or by following this link.

Coolaz custom koozies: case studies

Craft Brewing: Mammoth Brewing Co.

Mammoth retail Coolaz koozies in their tasting room and online shop.

Merchandise: Beccy Cole

Beccy Cole, a country musician, uses Coolaz koozies as merchandise on tour and as promotional tool to promote album launches.

Retail: Wendy Binks

Wendy's company, Emu Designs, regularly orders Coolaz koozies to retail in their store.


Slice of Lime Foundation have used Coolaz koozies on a number of occasions to support their cause.